Fantastic Heroes – Veselin Milev

A colleague defined by our Fantastic colleagues as a „ninja“, being a person who will stop at nothing to complete a mission. What is more, we could add a „white“ before ninja, because he is one of the most polite and well-mannered men we have ever met.

Furthermore, just like his Japanese covert agents ancestors, this man could be anytime, anywhere – „he is available to answer questions and provide assistance no matter day, night, day off or holiday“.

One more specified field that „white ninja“ is highly skilled is collaboration with all departments. He is well respected by everyone for being „kind and considerate“ and for his positive approach.

Say こんにちは [Konnichiwa] and

Please meet

Veselin Milev /Service Manager – Removals & Storage/

Q: What makes Fantastic Services „Fantastic“?

Of course my answer here is „people“. For some that answer might sound like a cliche, but … I don’t think so.
One of the most important factors for a business structure like ours is the people. Actually all good ideas come from people, then all these ideas are implemented by people actually everything is because of people. So people come to be a no.1 factor, and thanks to all our fantastic colleagues, Fantastic Services is being FANTASTIC!

Q: How would you define success and how would you describe your success in the company?

The „Success“ has a variety of explanations, but I think success is a consequence of the following: Learning, Never give up, Constancy.
This is the only way to reach success, you need to learn every day in order to grow up, you should never give up and push to get your tasks done every day in order to be productive and beneficial, and all that should be constant, that should never stop. I believe this is my explanation of „success“. And this is the way I try to follow every single day.

Q: Kindly share a hidden talent of yours that maybe not very many (if any) people know about and how has this influenced you?

I don’t think I have hidden talents, people working with me know I love to communicate… if that can be stated as a talent. 🙂
If I need to share something people don’t know for me – not long ago my mother told me a real story, when I was small boy like 4-5 years old, my parents used to move couple of times and I told them „why don’t we sell our car and buy a van so to be easier to move next time“ 😀

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