Fantastic Heroes – Svetoslav Todorov

Today’s Fantastic Hero’s greatest superpowers are „the ability to handle pressure“, and the talent to „lead a team and inspire his colleagues“.

As a „good man“ he is „always open to new ideas“, taking into consideration other people’s opinion.

So.. the time has come and we won’t keep you waiting any longer.

Please meet

Svetoslav Todorov /Head of Front End Development/

Q: In your opinion what are the Skills of the future?

In my opinion, the skills of the future depend on the field of work you want to learn and develop. These could be the skills, which you need in order to achieve success in your daily tasks. For me personally these are skills like: cognitive flexibility; adapting to changes; the ability to switch fast between different mental regimes; computational thinking, like the ability for data modeling, based on logical algorithmic resources; the division of complex issues to minor ones, so you can manage them easily; the ability to extract everything useful from the new technologies, we are surrounded by, like Social Media, Mobility, Analysis and Cloud (SMAC), which all together make a set of tools, which are part of the innovations and will change and replace the old ones.
It is very important to have such types of skills, which you need, to live, to learn and to work in a society, where the communication and the access to information is possible through digital technologies.

Q: How would you define success and how would you describe your success in the company?

For me, the measure of my success in a company is based on the impression I build in every single colleague I meet. Expanding my knowledge through the people I work with, as working together with different people and departments can give you many new skills and experience. The feeling of being valued as a colleague and as a friend, based on your experience and achievement is a success too.

Q: Kindly share a hidden talent of yours that maybe not very many (if any) people know about and how has this influenced you?

I can’t say if it’s really a hidden talent, but my secondary special education is electronics. I like to do everything related to programming and electronics.To be more specific I have experience in electronics, connected to an Opel computer on an Alfa Romeo engine with a Lada chassis for a friend’s project. I participated as a developer and administrator in a large community for the development of a game server for a famous MMORPG game, I also maintained one in Bulgaria.

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