Fantastic Heroes – Sonya Dimitrova

She is a true team player, assisting Sales agents and Team leaders in achieving the best results. „We are definitely fantastic together!“

According to some research, the falcons are among the most intelligent birds. So is she – „someone you can learn from a lot and eager to learn a lot from you“. Her wisdom is a key to keeping things and situations simple, comprehensible and consistent.

Furthermore, on the one hand, as „an amazing professional“ she has the valuable ability to listen and to respect others’ opinions.

Not least, one of the priceless virtues her teammates admire the most is her honesty.

Please meet

Sonya Dimitrova /Sales Performance Manager/

Q: What makes Fantastic Services „Fantastic“?

The team. I am surrounded by smart and talented people, who challenge themselves every day and motivate each other to learn, develop and grow.

Q: How would you define success and how would you describe your success in the company?

To me success is driving people to learn and develop, reach the common and their personal goals, using all their full potential, and let them feel accomplished and proud of their achievements.

It is really a success that I made it so long in the company, isn’t it :D? I made out of myself a believer, even though it may not look like this everytime 😀 and I am doing my very best to get my people follow.

Q: Kindly share a hidden talent of yours that maybe not very many (if any) people know about and how has this influenced you?

I was part of a folklore dancing group for 12 years and I really enjoyed it, so if you need someone to learn „some steps“, feel free to contact me 🙂

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