Fantastic Heroes – Sibin Sabriev

Six years ago, an SEO star was born…

…since then, he keeps scoring in the digital marketing world, just like Ronaldo does since he came back to Manchester United. From the football field to online mastery presence, you can always count on him! He is the one who manages to translate the complicated SEO terms into understandable words which allows us to decide on what actions need to be taken.

He is a person with a lot of interests and creative pursuits. If you open your Google search and write the keyword “multipotentiality” it may appear his name on the first page.

Please meet

Sibin Sabriev /SEO TL/

Q: What makes Fantastic Services „Fantastic“?

Not really hard to answer. We are united and we work together as a team to create services people love! We have been through a lot, especially during the last couple of years (#Covid-19 times), however, everyone in and around the company has this strong belief, passion and faith in what we do and that’s what moves us forward each and every day, that’s what makes us a family!

Q: How would you define success and how would you describe your success in the company?

In my humble opinion, achieving success means to be able to recognize why and how something succeeded or failed. Once realised, it’s easier to analyse and respectively to avoid a subsequent failure and repeat the success.
As a team leader, I define (work-related) success by helping the company achieve its goals. My contribution is by enhancing my team’s engagement and spurring their commitment to greater growth.

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