Fantastic Heroes – Boyan Dimitrov

He controls the perfect balance between being a great person and professional.

It is incredible how he can detect qualities in people that others do not see.

His teammates are grateful that „he always stands behind them and assists at every stage of work or a project“.

And if some of you didn’t managed to watch today’s first rays of the Sun, we would like you to meet instead, the inexhaustible source of energy in our Fantastic Family, ​the person who „shines successfully on all fronts“…

Please meet

Boyan Dimitrov /Chief Commercial Officer/

Q: What makes Fantastic Services „Fantastic“?

Like most I’d say the people but what makes the people great is the opportunities. We push the boundaries constantly and ensure we pressure ourselves and the company to the next boundary. So instead of doing this, 1 year in Fantastic equals 3x anywhere else. Where other companies learning, training and evolving is like a myth, here at Fantastic Services it is a way of life. While we do have mundane tasks and activities we encourage people not just managers to obsolete those and then move on to the next level in the company. We are always working close to the event horizon close enough to evolve and far enough not to break completely. What makes Fantastic Services fantastic is where ideas become reality, not just a leftover note forgotten in time.

Q: How would you define success and how would you describe your success in the company?

Success is moving towards your goals, milestones and of course surpassing them. Personal or professional it is all about what you want to do and achieve next. Companywise is the same thing. Constant drive to move forward, achieve and find the way to do it.

Q: Kindly share a hidden talent of yours that maybe not very many (if any) people know about and how has this influenced you?

I do not have anything hidden and definitely not secret talents. I like learning random useless facts because I believe they are like hidden gems of knowledge that a few people just tap in and by knowing more of those it can unlock a new „idea“ to put into action in Fantastic Services.

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