Fantastic Heroes – Antonia Harbalieva

This week we have chosen to board a cruise ship and take you on a journey to a pleasant, sunny and breezy destination. 

The captain is quick-witted, always ready to help, full of creative and interesting tools to maintain the positive atmosphere.

Please meet the lady „responsible for being in a good mood“ as she stated

Antonia Harbalieva /UX/UI Specialist/

Q: How are motivation and discipline related to higher efficiency and performance?

My humble opinion is that motivation and work discipline are factors that play a big role in obtaining the optimal work. Motivation accompanied by good work discipline greatly affects personal performance. And they’re both personal traits that could be improved. So it is not a question of wishful thinking but measured and purposeful actions that make the difference, allowing us to be better versions of ourselves everyday.

Q: How would you define success and how would you describe your success in the company?

I’ve been part of several departments that helped me gain a holistic view of the company’s work, which I consider as a great success. However, there are a few other ones 🙂

My first success was 6-7 years ago when I won a sales competition and a ticket to The Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belford sales training in London. Thanks, Fantastic!

The success and experience in Sales gave me new perspectives and I’ve leveled up from selling home services to selling digital marketing services. Working with many different businesses all over the globe gave me the chance to learn and see how digital marketing can boost the business and bring revenue. Thanks to my Local Fame team – the time and great colleagues there helped me develop project management skills and made me tech-savvy.

My current job is my passion. Being a UX designer is a religion and it’s my biggest success! It gives me constant challenges, know-how and it allows me to observe our industry through a unique lens.

As I learn and do, I change. Thanks to all the Fantastic people I’ve met along my way for allowing me to switch directions in my career and helping me succeed!

Q: Kindly share a hidden talent of yours that maybe not very many (if any) people know about and how has this influenced you?

  • I have Gold and Silver medals from а National’s Shotokan Karate-do tournament;
  • I used to work as a tour guide at The Preservation Society of Newport County – Rhode Island’s largest cultural organization, that protects, preserves and presents the best of Newport County’s architectural heritage;
  • I’ve worked on river cruise ships, as a bartender; 🙂
  • I scuba-dive.

Namely all those divergent skills and life experiences are supporting the holistic view and new perspectives I mentioned above, they open windows (plural is intended) of opportunity.

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