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What’s different about working at Fantastic Services?

We create services that people love! Thanks to our customers, but also our partners and, last but not least, each of our team! They are all people beyond the rainbow. People who look to the future and ask themselves: "How could we make this company even better?" Become a part and be inspired by a team of motivated and creative people who have built the foundations of what we are today.

At Fantastic Services you will have the opportunity to go further than you could imagine. As we share and develop our ideas - together...


From Technical perfection to Expanding the business - choose what suits you best


Back - end developers

Mobile developers

System Administrators

Nothing will be possible, of course, without our amazing colleagues from the IT & Back-end Development teams! They are the geniuses behind the online booking platform, the CRM system that is used by everyone in Fantastic Services, the mobile applications for both the professionals and the clients, and so much more.


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Master Franchise Team

Service Experience Team

Customer Support Team

Aiming at continuous development, our colleagues from the Master Franchise department work each day to attract and offer exclusive Master Franchise rights to potential investors around the world in the field of professional home and office cleaning and maintenance. This enables investors to draw on Fantastic Services' knowledge of the past 10 years which includes our marketing, sales strategies, as well as our deep knowledge of the company's professional service portfolio, allowing the opportunity to focus on providing the highest quality services. Service Experience ensures that all services performed to meet the standards of the brand. Customer Service ensures that all sides are satisfied with the service. Together with all departments within the company, we work daily to create services that people love.


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Business and Domestic Sales

Marketing Team

SEO Team

Service Development Team

Franchise Recruitment Team

Franchise recruitment is constantly expanding our network of franchise partners to operate under the Fantastic Services brand and deliver the services to the end customer. Service Development takes care of the development of our professional portfolio, with the main goal being to always meet the needs of our customers, to innovate, and to provide our partners with the latest equipment in their field. However, reaching so many people can be a challenge for our partners, which is why all colleagues from Marketing and SEO work hard to attract customers by creating and optimizing websites and promoting businesses through offline and online marketing campaigns. Once we have the attention of our customers, they can book their service online or by calling our Business and Domestic Sales colleagues.


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HR Management & Administration



Office Management


To support the work process, HR Management & Administration colleagues are always searching for new talents to join Fantastic Services as well as taking care of their motivation and personal development. The team of professional trainers is committed to ensuring that all current employees receive appropriate training and continuous improvement both as individuals and professionals. The team driving the company's communication strategy aims to look after the well-being and happiness of colleagues, organising various initiatives aimed at balancing personal and professional lifestyles.

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Accounting and Credit Control

Finance operations (Accounts receivables & Credit control)

Business Analysis

Accounting and Credit Control are the departments we count on to, well, count everything properly and take care of the finance enquiries for all employees, franchisees, professionals, and customers. The Business Analysis team makes sure that Fantastic Services is always up to date with the latest trends in the business, working hard to create statistics and analysis that will help us move forward and keep up with the competition and the ever-changing desires of our clients and partners.


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Meet the team

Brand Ambassadors

The people we work with are what makes our company great.

Read their amazing stories by clicking here.

Valentin Valchev
Sales Trainer

Since my first day at Fantastic Services, I have always felt and been highly motivated. However I wouldn't...

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Shterion Atanasov
Project Manager

I have been working for Fantastic Services for more than 5 years now. However, the most memorable...

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Danail Yordanov
Senior Front End Developer

One of the biggest experiences that happened to me at Fantastic Services is the opportunity to...

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Teodora Ivanova
Social Media Manager

One of the many things which make my work at Fantastic Services even better, after 4 whole years here...

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Ivaylo Nikolov
Franchise Recruitment Supervisor

I’ve started my Fantastic journey 4 and a half years ago. At first, I was a sales operator...

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Petar Moryanov
Sales Agent

From my very first year at the company, I showed good results in my work, which brought me an extraordinary...

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Marieta Kovacheva
Personal Assistant

My name is Marietta, I've been working at the company for over 6 years. The thing I am most proud of...

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Georgi Dimov
Business Sales Supervisor

At the beginning of the year, the company organised a challenge where everyone can challenge...

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“At Fantastic Services we do everything around the idea of making a positive impact in people’s lives.”

Anton SkarlatovCo-founder and CEO

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